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I want to tell them I have found a Sight of outstanding natural beauty. My friend thinks you're hot, and if it's any consolation so do I. Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite, would you like a shag? Ever found yourself spending a whole afternoon with your boyfriend and wondering what to do?The survey shows that winks, smiles, and kisses are the most common in the art of flirting. Let's face it: nude photos can get leaked on the Internet...At some level, most of us can appreciate that many comic utterances betray profound truths about ourselves--truths we might not be willing to look at their being framed humorously.To celebrate a new university year, and all that means in terms of the flirting and the kissing, the birds and the bees, we've stretched the concept of Thrifty Fun (well flirting is free...) and compiled 69 chat up lines that are especially suited for student use. Our adult birthday e Cards and naughty birthday e Cards have the perfect amount of good-natured sauciness to make the recipient turn red and laugh out loud. Share on Facebook Whether seriously sexy or seriously silly, our adult birthday e Cards are the perfect naughty surprise to send to a close friend on their birthday...

Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation? Ladies, entice and titillate your man by sending him our Flirty Birthday e Card for Him.This is the perfect naughty birthday e Cards to email him at work and let him know you have a fun evening waiting at home for him.To maintain our psychological balance, it's essential we let ourselves smile, giggle, and maybe even break up over all the incongruities, inconsistencies, and flat-out contradictions related to what may be our favorite pastime.

After all, what could be healthier than light-heartedly chuckling over our abiding impulses, susceptibilities, and weaknesses.

Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings? My magical watch says you aren't wearing any underwear!


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