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Some post–World War II regimes have been described as neo-fascist due to their authoritarian nature, and sometimes due to their fascination and sympathy towards fascist ideology and rituals.

Post-fascism is a label that has been applied to several European political parties that espouse a modified form of fascism and which partake in constitutional politics.

Consultant services always move dynamically following the progress of science and technology.

Many of Etage’s family members still live in Ethiopia, often helping with authentic ingredients so that she can make the most traditional meals much like the one’s she ate during her childhood.

This auction lot includes the following group of titles on jewelry: - Contemporary Jewelry - Dated 1984 by National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto / Tokyo - large-format exhibition catalogue in wrappers, profusely illustrated with text in Japanese - Schmucktrends 2000 / Jewellry Trends 2000 Europe by Susan Sagherian - No date provided by Ruhle-Diebens Verlag (Stuttgart) - wrappers, text in German and English - Ornament ohne Ornament / Ornament without Ornament by Franz Bette - Dated 2007 by Museum fur angewandte Kunst Frankfurt - exhibition catalogue in wrappers, texts in German and English - Gabi Dziuba Schmuck - Dated 2006 by Snoeck Verlag (Cologne) - exhibition catalogue in wrappers - Re: Pair & Imperfection by Kiff Slemmons - Dated 2006 by Chicago Cultural Center - exhibition catalogue in wrappers Nearly all the books from this collection are in almost new condition. S.) for this lot will be: .50 This lot is part of a large group of art, architecture and photography books from a specialized bookseller that reviews and selects scholarly material for academic art libraries.


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