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Your new guy, this Assistant you've sent here to talk to me, I'd like to get to know him better.He looks a lot like the other guys you've sent before, Now and On Tap, but he seems special.You know what I'm going to do from now on, ask people if they're gay before I have sex with them. Shoshanna: I think so, I'm really, really high, like out of my mind high, I smoked some pot in line to the bathroom which is so dirty - do not go in there unless it's an emerg - with these guys in line to the bathroom and they gave me some pot out of a pipe - but it was this stem - it was stem, it was a stem.[thinking they are initiating a threesome, he tries twice to get involved, but each time, Jessa stops him. Hannah: It's like my worst nightmare as a kid, being the last one to be picked up from like school or some social event.Hannah Horvath: [to herself] You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting. Eventually, he tries to grab Marnie's breast, causing her to flinch and knock a glass over, spilling wine on his rug]Thomas-John: [going into his kitchen to get something to clean up] You know what? Then all these adults know about your sad home life and your irresponsible parents.Hannah: He got it on a trip he took with his male friends... Hannah: And I'm starving because all you have to eat in your house is your pet rabbit and I'm an undiagnosed hypoglycemic.

Trump issued a statement, saying, "This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.I’m very sorry." Donald Trump talked to Billy Bush about trying to bang chicks back in 2005, but Trump says the conversation was clearly private, one-on-one locker room banter that was recorded by an "Access Hollywood" crew.The Washington Post somehow obtained "Access Hollywood" footage from 2005, where Trump talked in graphic terms about how easy it was for celebs like himself to seduce women, even saying, "Grab them by the p***y.▶ Free lightning fast messaging Glide is the fastest live video messenger app on the planet.

It combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video chat.

That you get to create whole worlds and really play and explore which is what I love., which was the game that came out in 2015. And what was really fun about that was I get to work over a year on that game as we did the motion capture and the performance capture and the voice work.


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    You can create private chat rooms and invite people you choose.

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