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(CNN) -- It's Valentine's Day, and the Olympic village is in the mood -- at least that's the story according to one champion athlete at this month's Games. With most athletes owning smartphones and being active on social media, it was perhaps inevitable that the increasingly popular Tinder would play Cupid at the Olympics.

Slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson revealed she had to delete her account with online dating app Tinder before her snowboard event in order to focus on the Olympics. In fact, the company has experienced a 400% day-over-day increase of new users in Sochi since the Games began last Friday, Tinder CEO and founder Sean Rad told the Wall Street Journal.

The British ski jumper’s resilience secured him a spot in Calgary and his feel-good story resonated with the Olympic crowds and those watching televised coverage of the games.

No, this is not a man to create a stir as the somewhat eccentric, often outspoken Bode Miller does. Miller (33 World Cup wins, two overall championships, five Olympic medals) and Vonn (59 WC wins, four overall championships, two Olympic medals) have had considerably more success in their careers, but the blonde-haired Ligety has his own sparkling résumé, with 20 World Cup wins, four world titles in the giant slalom and an Olympic gold medal in the 2006 combined.

He does not crave attention the way Lindsey Vonn does. More importantly as we head into the Olympics, Ligety is the most successful American skier over the past two seasons.

I was exemplifying the Olympic spirit and it was such a powerful message that people still remember it now.” Edwards finished last among all of the competitors in the 70m and 90m ski jumping events.

“I’d only been jumping for 20 months and everyone else there had been jumping for 20 odd years. It was just great being there and doing the best that I could for my country.” Despite the fact his initial moment of international fame occurred nearly three decades ago, ‘Eddie’ says he continues to draw attention wherever he goes.

The event is open to the public and admission is free.



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    The idea for Lost and Found blossomed from Stidd’s own missed connection.“[It] started at Houston Hall with a girl in a flower dress.

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    I’ve rounded up a wide selection of the free online websites out there — the rest is up to you!

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    NICE recommends it's done between 10 weeks and 13 weeks.

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    The same trend is true when it comes to claiming holiday entitlement with 30 per cent of Britons not taking their full allowance, less than elsewhere in Europe, especially Italy where 62 per cent of respondents working more weeks than they are contracted to do.

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