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The 34-year-old hip-hop artist performed his single “Glorious” for the first time on television alongside the talented Skylar Grey on piano.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Macklemore They were also joined by six back-up singers, a guitarist, percussionist, and a three-piece horn section too.

Walking around by myself in the woods, there was nobody there to tell me what to do, nobody there to criticize me, nobody there to do anything except me.

So it forced me to listen to my own gut instincts and my own opinions and through that process it was kind of like my [own] vision quest.” Grey explains.

Each song of hers rides inside this vortex of penetrating melody and ingrained passion that transcends merely being catchy.


"This time around I was like, 'I want to try writing my own raps', to see if I could do it.

Brought up in California, Los Angeles in United States of America, Siddharth has lived a major portion of his life till now in London, England.

Skylar Grey is an especially compelling and exceptional artist - and while we can thank over twenty years of a highly diverse musical background for this eclectic sensation, we’d be downright fools not to recognize Grey for the supreme talent that she so innately is. There’s something outstanding about Grey’s rich, full-bodied voice and music that pulsates with an enticing edge throughout.

“And then two weeks before the album came out, I got [that] email.

I didn’t even know until a couple weeks ago that he was even gonna use the song.” The the song’s inclusion was a bit of a surprise, it could hardly be considered out of left field.The Wisconsin native has been working on her album for a few years now, explaining that the oldest song on the album was penned about two years ago, while the most recent one was recorded only last week.



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