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Double raised £75,000 from Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den TV show late last year and although current user numbers aren’t being shared, it’s certainly got its fair share of press in the past year from the likes of Mail Online and Marie Claire.

Last year The Times quoted 8,000 downloads per week in the app’s first two months.

Dressed in matching red love heart suits, they entered the Dragons’ Den with the hope of securing £75,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the app.

Speaking about their financial situation, Mac Donough said: “By the time we went to film Dragons’ Den we only had £2.36 in our bank account and owed about £7,000.

” During their pitch, the founders revealed some interesting information about their growth predictions for the next three years.

Over the first two years, they predicted that the app will see a gross profit of £256,000, but a net loss of £161,000.

M14 Industries, the Manchester-based platform for dating apps, has acquired Double, a ‘Tinder for double dates’ based in London.

This information will help M14 build better dating apps in the future.

The founders of Double, a double dating app designed to help shy singles enjoy dating, recently enjoyed a successful pitch on Dragons’ Den, just days before it was set to go bust.


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