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Overuse qualifiers: (for example, “I Think that…”) 13.In researching what they describe as “powerless language”, they show that language differences are based on situation-specific authority or power and not gender.Single gene disorders may be autosomal (not sex linked) or X-linked (related to the sex chromosome).Also Sex-limited traits [where a functional autosomal gene (allele) is completely slient in one sex] and sex-influenced traits [where a functional allele changes behaviour, dominant/recessive behaviour with sex of the bearer].Of course, there may be social contexts where women are (for other reasons) more or less the same as those who lack power.But this is a far more limited claim than that made by Dale Spender, who identifies power with a male patriarchal order – the theory of dominance.

This page is intended to provide general information about genetic disorders and more specific information about a few genetic disorders that are diagnosed through the Fetal Concerns Center.

Typically there are 22 non-sex chromosome pairs called autosomes, and one sex chromosome pair.


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