Did niall horan dating amelia lily

She did, however, admit to exchanging numbers with him. ) But then stated that she wasn't intending on pursuing things romantically as she preferred dark-haired guys! But after a four year relationship, it seems that Amelia and Steve ended things in a bad way when she took to Instagram to post a paragraph stating: "I will not be made out to be a fool.


Coincidentally, Sarah and Amelia are both from the Xenomania production stable - the team helmed pretty much every Girls Aloud song as well as Amelia Lily's (eventually shelved) debut album.

The couple met when last year’s X Factor boyband teamed up with 2008 runners-up JLS and the X Factor finalists on charity single Wishing On A Star and are now said to ‘like each other a lot.’ A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘Niall and Amelia met backstage after One Direction performed on the show.’Although Harry spent most time with her, it was Niall whose eye she caught.



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