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He gives off a kind and warm personality, and i love that about him. Im on episode 10 and i have the biggest crush on Yoon Si Yoon now. I watched Baker Kim Tak Goo several times but still I'm keep on crying every time I watched it, it's a great drama, you will learned a lot on this drama.

Coincidentally, I encountered him in Flower Boy Next Door ♥ Love the way he smiles! :) I rooted for Enrique and Go Dok Mi til' the end! In fact he is one of the only korean actors i know or care to know. Perfect and The Flower Boy Next Door, but so far I love his personalities in both. Even in sad and difficult moments in the scenes of the films, you're adorable! The sound of your voice is unique and so joy-giving! OMOOOOOOO Just started watchin Flower Boy Next Door. Cumprimentos/Regards From Portugal Yoon Shi Yoon is one of my favorite actor.

After winning a prize at the 1st Annual SM Best Competition in 1999, Yunho signed with S. Entertainment and officially started his training in 2001.

His family, who suffered greatly from the 1997 Asian financial crisis, were initially against his decision to become a singer.

I feel like if I were to meet him, he would be sincere and always happy. Saranghaeyo XD Shi Yoon is very friendly and gentle actor. He is so freaking cute, adorable, his smile, his hair, the way he talks, his voice. He does so great on the emotional scenes - his facial expressions, esp his sad eyes and pout *sighs* I must watch anything else with him in it. So natural, he has something of his last character Enrique. Yoon Shi Yoon is a great actor, I hope more projects for him because he's good actor and he deserved it. hi yoon si yoon I am anahita from Iran i saw your film ( bread love and dream )that was very good . Really how many times can a person accidentally fall into a kiss? I don't care what the circumstances are, why couldn't they have made it family oriented? He didn't want to make a fuss, so he left quietly, with no fanfare. His eyes played the most important part,it played the most when he was angry, haha, am I right everyone? He reminded me of jung -Il -woo who got a nice, sweet and sincere smile yet. I like your cute smile.your drama, i like to watch.. FLOWER BOYS NEXT DOOR....i am your very super fun....are so sweet.....sometimes naughty...are really a blessing to dok-mi. Your charm is very irresistible♥ and your smiles and smirks are very beautiful!! Stay strong and healthy and happy and handsome always oppa.We love your unque voice that can't be duplicate anywhere in this world. Please keep current pictures story dramas movie and songs. Nothing PERSONAL LIFE but more good and what is going on with acting. Kim Jae Joong please please don't lose your wonderful personality and lovable person that you are. I think I'm beginning to understand in many songs that you wrote, and it's very good for me to can tell you ; their songs give me truly power. if you are fan of jj u should make sure 2 watch this movie .... HI - my favorite UNIQUE and the best in the world singer (KJJ) WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THINKING OF YOU. Born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea, Yunho auditioned for the Korean talent agency S. TVXQ have released fifteen studio albums and performed on record-breaking concert tours; their sixth Japan-wide tour, the Time Tour, was the highest-grossing concert tour ever held by a foreign music act in Japan.

TVXQ are the first non-Japanese music act to hold a concert in the Nissan Stadium, Japan's largest outdoor stadium.

♡♥ Kim Jaejoong will also release and album on February and Park Yoochun will be releasing his first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet (tentative title)’ on January 18.. Jae is not only a great actor but a singer and performer too. I really wish that sm company will go out of business one day I really swear it til I die Jae Joong oppa, you're amazing as an actor. Do your best and be one of the greatest korean actor ever, and show to SM Ent. saranghae ;) Kim Jaejoong such a very talented young man ..fighting oppa!!



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