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I’ve been thinking about that a lot these past few weeks.Most guests on my Guy's Guy Radio podcast take a politically correct stance, insisting that all things are equal when it comes to how men and women view sex.I know so many guys who either married too young, grew apart from their spouses, or decided wanted to trade in their partner for a younger, hotter model. And it’s not necessarily your fault or that of your spouse. And it’s no joke, so make damn sure you’re aware of what you’re signing up for before you take that leap. Do your best to peek into your shared future and visualize the kind of life that awaits the two of you. If you like what you see, proceed to the next question. Will I be content not shagging other women for the rest of my life? Another underrated, but important thing to consider. It’s more about how you both see humanity, and your role in making this world a better place.

When talking with a lady, everything else takes a back seat. Unless you have major bank, can rhyme like Drake or look like Gosling, you are not a chick magnet.

Then I’ll let you ladies determine if women see it the same way. I was, but I loved sex and if there was extracurricular activity, it was simply a physical act to me. Sex is sex, and since it is always on our minds, we tend to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. Now that I’m married and a bit wiser, I focus one hundred percent of my attention on my wife.

I have a lot of guy friends and they seem to fall into two camps. Regardless of their age or relationship status, they think about sex all day. In the past I’d act on my impulses, even when I was in a relationship. Although I had to have some connection with them, I kept the sex in a non-binding neutral, unemotional, no-strings attached box. She deserves it, and I’m doing everything I can to be the best partner. Living in New York City, I see and interact with a lot of hot women. The thought has crossed my mind from time to time (that means yes), but I don’t act on it.

When it comes to clothes, today’s men are sticking with the proven staples of guydom.

Between paying off student loans and cocktails, who has an extra 0 to blow on a pair of designer jeans when you can pick up a pair of 501’s on sale for under ?

I was single for so many years that no one bothered asking me anymore when I was getting married. Marriage is one of, if not the most important, decisions you will ever make; yet many folks take this life-changing decision lightly.


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    Middle-aged Americans, 55 to 64, are now twice as likely to try looking for someone online since 2013.

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    Examples: For all of these, and more, reasons, calibration is needed in C-14 dating.

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    The ratio of number of residents in Astor to the number of sex offenders is 120 to 1.

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    Wilhelm bequeathed to Jung an intuitive understanding of the Chinese concept of Tao, which was to become for Jung very much associated with the meaning in meaningful coincidences. Browne explores these and other influences on Jung, and he gives some pointers on what to look for when making the all-important distinction between synchronistic events and chance coincidences. (A reading list was also provide, click here.) * * * * lectures at the University of Western Sydney, where he teaches neuroscience and paranormal studies to psychology students.

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