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To make accurate predictions of future climate development it is necessary to understand past environmental changes under different climate-forcing conditions as documented in glacial, terrestrial and marine archives, covering several glacial/interglacial cycles.

Long, high resolution palaeoclimate records have recently become available in the Arctic from the Greenland Ice Sheet (e.g. In contrast, there is no continuous terrestrial record from the Arctic with a comparable time resolution and duration, providing compelling justification for its acquisition.

The other sites are known to us as Skhul Cave, situated on Mount Carmel, in Israel, and of course, the 77,000 bp finds from Blombos Cave down in South Africa; 3 beads from the Skhul site may be 100,000 years old – moreover, there is a single pierced shell from Oued Djebbana in Algeria, which is thought to be 90,000 years old, based on the stone tools found in the same context.

An axe located at the site showed the edge was ground down.Analyses of the rock-magnetic properties by low and high temperature runs of magnetic susceptibility, determination of hysteresis parameters as well as IRM acquisition experiments, yielded a dominance of PSD (pseudo-single domain) magnetite in intervals of high magnetic susceptibility, whereas, due to selective magnetite dissolution associated with anoxic Lake water and/or pore water conditions during times of enhanced deposition of organic matter, haematite dominates within low susceptibility intervals in terms of mass percentage.Here however, magnetic properties are still dominated by magnetite.In any event, finds such as these once again appear to demonstrate that the so-called Eurasian ‘cultural revolution’ at 40,000 bp was merely a continuation of processes that had been quietly running in the background, upwards of 50,000-60,000 years beforehand.

The notable aspect of the Upper Palaeolithic event is the seeming increase in production rates, as this type of cultural expression – adornment, decoration, including portable and parietal art, went mainstream, possibly aided by greater concentrations and networks of humans.I suppose no other issue strikes closer to one’s personal life when adjusting to another culture like that of inter-personal relationships; ie – meeting women here in the Philippines.


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