Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind

At that point you should know, as 7 weeks is a big week for an embryo. Scans at 6 weeks and 7 weeks 4 days showed a normal sized baby with a strong, normal heartrate, yet it died the day after the last normal scan.

*hugs* It does depend how certain you are on when you ovulated.

He says that I am suspect for a miscarraige because of baby measuring behind and thinks that with my hormone levels being so high he should have seen a more pronounced heartbeat.

But baby is still so small i am surprised he thinks he can see anything stronger than what we saw!

So I'm pregnant with my second and had the dating scan today. But measured 5 weeks 6 days and heart rate of 95bpm. My hcg levels were low when I got my bloods done, but still within range, just at the lower end. Although it's not a positive story, I'll share mine.

It's suggested I have another scan in 1-2 weeks, how long do I wait. If you have a regular 28ish day cycle, I would request another lot of bloods to check they are doubling at the correct rate, followed by a scan in a bit over a week to check growth. 35 days) then I would get another scan 1.5-2 weeks and hopefully bub just doesn't match the LMP method for dating.

Was anyone else not able to see the baby well because of a tilted uterus??

I've had over a dozen ultrasounds within the past 7 years and I've never been told I have a tilted uterus.


I've read on some forums that some ladies have measured over a week behind and everything has been fine and bub has had a big growth spurt after the scan so I'm hoping that happens for me.

My OB said it was tilted today during my dating ultrasound (so maybe my third birth tipped it).

I've always been able to get accurate dates on my previous babies and my doctor wasn't able to get an accurate measurement today. Its making me a little nervous that the baby looked so small! I got an early positive test so I didn't ovulate later than I originally thought.

We go back for another ultrasound tomorrow to see if there is growth, he says if there is no growth we are looking at a miscarraige.


It's been a very stressful weekend so say the least...praying very hard, but I still in my heart feel like everything is fine and that doctor is overreacting a bit?This is an IVF baby (frozen cycle with a 5dt) and I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday.


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