Dating style template

A theme ported to Pivot X by Lars Helbo (original design by Elegant Themes).

It will show two selected entries on top of the front page. If the extra image field is used, these images will be shown together with the entries.

1.6 1.5 The JP - Model Agency v4 Joomla Template is the new version of the popularly JP-Model Agency Templates.

It looks clean, has different logo positions, different color options and many more…

vld Personals is a modern and reliable dating/social networking software.

It allows you to create a fully functioning and modern dating/social website.

3.x 2.5 1.7 Yj Simple Grid powered 51 collapsible module positions PSD files included Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 template Joomla 2.5 demo CSS dropdown menu SMooth dropdown menu Split menu 4 CSS styles combos Responsive webdesign Native…


If you want to start developing themes yourself, this is a good one to tear apart and to learn from (after you have done the same with theme Skinny which is the start theme).If an entry has an entry in the extra imagefield, this image will also be shown here.Chile - its a two column theme for chilean context.Lots of very promising functionalities in the plugin description but the simplest ones do not properly function.

For example the thumbnails of the members on the home page look absolutely awfull and there’s no simple way to fix that.You can create hybrid mobile apps using this template.


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