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(see and more about Skookum at Skookum Gal's website) /hist09Consequently, Skookum's with any paper label are rare - this symbol label is very rare! He has his original necklace of really beautiful beads, but the leather in the back was weak, and it pulled away from the sting. With the help of sacred deities he finds a place of friendship and abundance.In 1940, in response to Hitler's regime, the Navajo, Papago, Apache and Hopi people signed a whirling log proclamation. on our blankets, baskets, art objects, sand paintings and clothing." Visitors to New Mexico in the late 19th century would have been pleased to purchase a souvenir rug, pot or piece of silver jewelry decorated with a swastika.Adding to the misconception is the fact that the production years of Mary Francis Woods’ dolls paralleled Mary Mc Aboy’s Skookum dolls for two decades through the 1920s and 30s.Both doll makers began their work in the early years of the 20th century and commercial success came to both in the 1920s. After her early school years she traveled to Chicago to begin her formal training in the arts at the Julien School.See below - in 1940, the Navajo stopped using the Swastika symbol for their artifacts, and the Skookum factory must have too after it became forever associated with the Nazi Party & Hitler. Navajo Swastika history Paraphrased from the website: /fa/fa086.shtml In Navajo myth the swastika represents the legend of the whirling log.(more info below) On the Skookum label time line - this symbol was only used a very short period. And t is some bug damage on the black muslin that represents his hair, but not bad, and won't be seen when you get him a new head dress (or hair). On his blanket, under his elbows are small stains of rust w the doll stand held him. Wrapped in a beautiful Navajo blanket, and wearing a faded pink silk-like shirt underneathj. Pants are nade to look like chamois out of very thick felt with felt fringe. I will include the ORIGINAL stand from the period that came with him when I got him. As told by Aigner, the tale is of a man, outcast from his tribe, who rolls down river in a hollowed-out log.requently referred to as Skookum Indian Dolls, American Indian dolls made by Mary Francis Woods are not Skookum Indians at all but rather highly individual and creative figures, collectible unto themselves.The confusion most likely occurs due to the fact that construction of the Woods’ dolls is similar to the Skookum dolls in their simple blanket wrapped bodies.


INCREDIBLY RARE This version of the famous Skookum Indian doll was made PRIOR to 1940.

She later continued her artistic studies at the Chase School in New York arriving there sometime around 1903.


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