Dating online seattle single

I also really appreciated the talk by Renessa at the beginning. I've met my current partner at a speed dating event you organized and it is going great.

She provides some really great advice to be ‘ready’ for meeting the potential love of your life. The L word has been used in our relationship and I see a great things coming, Thank you.""I was a little hesitant on going to a dating coach but I know what I have been doing for 5 years has not been working.

Also, is their a big volunteer organization where I can meet people (translation: bachelors)?

The Short Version: Renessa Rios, the Founder of Match Date Love, distinguishes her matchmaking firm by throwing dozens of singles events to help people meet one another in a relaxed setting.


Founded in 2008, Match Date Love connects thousands of people of all ages by introducing them at social events and on one-on-one dates. Meet quality Christian Singles in Seattle, Washington.


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