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Tagging Assign your own keywords to items, making it easy to classify and locate articles you've previously read.

Watches Tell Feed Demon to let you know when your keywords appear in any feed you're subscribed to.

The two serve the same function: they let you subscribe to feeds automatically and go out and get the new posts for you (before you wake up, for example), and then let you read them when you want, all in one place.

From the mid-’90s arrival of through the launch of dating apps like Tinder in the early 2010s, technology has altered the way most big-city singles look for love — and not in a good way.

Many people say that ‘RSS’ stands for ‘Really Simply Syndication’ but you don’t have to know what it means to use it.

Feeds are published by millions of publishers, from small individuals to large organisations like Computer Weekly and New Scientist. Using RSS can consolidate many data sources and stop the need for you to constantly visit many different sites to access the information you want.

I heard RSS being called by another name can you explain?


Feed Demon is the most popular RSS reader for Windows, with an easy-to-use interface that makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information.

News Shopper publishes most of its content in the form of RSS feeds.


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