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Speaker: EVM 12LOutput: approximately 80 watts RMS Simul Class, switchable down to 15 watts Class APhotos: Matt Hertel. Early Mesa/Boogie Mark Series amps were something of a sensation, but even with the line now having stretched all the way to the massively featured Mark V, many fans of these powerful little beasts feel the evolution peaked at the end of the Mark II range, with the Mark IIC .

Though at the time they were simply the next step along the line – a tweak to the Mark IIC, which was just a relatively minor twist away from the Mark IIB before it, and so forth – players soon noticed (often in hindsight) that these “ ” amps sounded fantastic.

Whether you're rockin' hard or putting the immense versatility of the Mini's four Modes to bear on a variety of styles, you'll get years…

MESA/Boogie® is excited to announce the addition of the compact SUBWAY® D-800 ™ Bass Amplifier, SUBWAY® Ultra-Lite 2x10 Bass Cabinet and SUBWAY® BASS DI PREAMPLIFIER to its line of bass products, built in the company’s Petaluma, California shop. SUBWAY® D-800™, The SUBWAY® D-800 ™ employs lightweight Class D Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch for optimum Power to Load Performance.

They had Smith modify Melton’s 12-watt Fender Princeton to “do something really wild.” Smith installed the classic Fender Bassman circuit and squeezed in a 12" JBL speaker, and the result was a 60-watt amp shoehorned into the small Princeton box.

After trying Smith’s creation, Carlos Santana declared, “This little amp really boogies.” Thus the amp’s name became “Boogie.” By the early ’70s, Smith had started his own company, Mesa Engineering.

The new THROTTLE BOX EQ™ version combines the enhanced shaping power of our popular Five Band Graphic Equalizer with footswitchable HI/LO performance Modes and easy Top Panel access to the previously internal BOOST feature.


With the worldwide success of the THROTTLE BOX™ overdrive, we…

Not only did they have a revised lead channel that issues delectably creamy, bright, high-gain lead tones, but their cleans were often hailed as sweet and superior, too.


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