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Jacquard is unique because of the direct-touch possibilities. Google did not immediately respond to a request for more information.

But, to be honest, would stroking my cuff be easier than using my watch?

Dustbowl Vintage, 2nd Floor, 52 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JN (01179-298 382; There's a companion Android app, called Project Jacquard, that lets you select what you want each gesture to bring up -- and the UI is mostly drag and drop, making it extremely easy to set up.Levi's says it's working to add support for additional gestures later on, which could enable more ways for you to interact with its first smart jacket.Google's mission with its Advanced Technology and Products group is to create innovations like Project Jacquard, which can turn objects into interactive, gesture-controlled surfaces.

With the Levi's Commuter jacket, introduced in 2016, the technology comes to life through a conductive fabric and a Bluetooth device that attaches to the garment.An embroidered “WWDC17″ is the only embellishment that stands out from the minimalistic jacket, alongside the symbolic red “Levi’s” tag.


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