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Even those saddened by the news don’t fault Grigsby for a personal financial decision. Knight remembers just a few years back when Starbase Q was packed even on weeknights, like Wednesday’s karaoke night.But there is disappointment felt in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. The owner of Starbase Q, Brian Travis, did not respond to LEO’s attempts to reach him.“The city is losing two bars that I think it will miss,” says Holly Knight, a friend of Travis and host of a transgender talk show filmed at Starbase Q for several months. And while a bad economy is at least partly to blame for Tink’s and Starbase Q shutting their doors, LGBT community leaders also point to a convergence of social change affecting gay bars.There's an "awesome super lez weekly newsletter" too.

That's the promise of dating app Her, formerly known as Dattch.In a dark, crowded room adjacent to an empty dance floor, a cover band growls out “Son of a Preacher Man.” Clusters of women in blue jeans sway and sing along. The bar strives for a jazz club vibe with candlelit tables draped in black, but the feel is more like a house party.Tonight is one of the last Saturday nights for Tink’s Pub on Preston Street, Louisville’s only lesbian bar.After 10 years, owner Stacy Grigsby has decided to shut down, with one final bash planned for New Year’s Eve.


She says in the last three years, business has dropped by about a third.

"Community is central." That means social elements are built into it.


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