Dating jay rhianna z

But before the romance drama, the rapper’s better half was the Barbadian singer’s biggest supporter, producer L. Reid reveals in his new tell-all, Reid claims he only realized how big of a star Rihanna could become when the 34-year-old B’Day songstress spoke up on the budding star’s behalf following the performance.

“That Rihanna girl,” Beyonce gushed, according to Reid. ” The admiration was mutual, the iconic producer claims.

Despite plainly admitting he made up a story to promote his client's music, Hey's confession conveniently coincides with the release of his own music - under the Beyonce and Jay Z-owned Tidal streaming service.


Page Six reports that both Rihanna's legal representatives and Nobles deny this.

That's when we start hearing from Rachel Roy (remember her from May 2014? People start speculating that the lyrics, "He better call Becky with the good hair", are about Rachel despite her not actually being called 'Becky'… Now excuse us, we're off for a lie down and a nice, cold glass of lemonade.


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