Dating in a morally challenged society single parent meet dating advice

I served in the Military and personally witnessed the decline of masculinity in America's fighting men comparative to the men of WWII like my Grand Father.

America was at a higher moral standard before the Feminist movement of the 1960's.

If you need drugs to keep you alive, your access to medicine depends on which insurance you can afford, or perhaps on winning the “postcode lottery”.

That trend is set to accelerate with the advent of medicine explicitly designed to extend life (see “A cure for ageing is near but you probably can’t afford it“).

[Full story] Dating competitions reflect rampant money-worship values China's much more conservative older generation have compared the search for millionaires' wives to the selection of imperial concubines in ancient times, with the new super-rich elite substituting for the old imperial family.

Has it become a challenge to the traditional Chinese moral standard?If it is costly, the rich will get to live longer than the poor; if it is cheap, the demographic challenges of greying populations will be exacerbated. This is by no means the only epic moral quandary we face as we enter 2017. Should a would-be autocrat be free to broadcast falsehoods directly to millions over social media?


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