Dating henriot quimper plates


If you can not visit the gallery to pay by credit card, then please use Pay Pal or one of the other options. Please note that wire transfers are required for purchases over 3,000.00 unless other arrangements have been made PRIOR to purchase.1) Auction starts at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time. Please be sure to get shipping quotes prior to bidding.

(We are in Florida) 2) If you register and remain pending contact us. 3) Call us if you have questions about any Lot or questions about our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Bidders must pay and have items removed within 10 business days of auction end to avoid storage fees.

Henriot's Dinnerware and Plates are a wonderful addition to your dinner table.

The Serving Pieces are as lovely as decorations as they are useful.

Many of the designs and colours were instantly recognisable and based on the traditional The Petite Breton pattern, but there were also many new modern and very attractive patterns.

The handpainted French faience known as Quimper Pottery (pronounced “cam-pair”) was founded by potter Jean Baptiste Bousquet and has been manufactured in Quimper, Brittany, France since 1690.

On a recent trip to Brittany and the magnificent Mont St Michel I came across a wonderful display of modern Quimper Faience Pottery and notably Henriot Quimper.5) Payment Notes: For your protection and that of our consignors, we do not accept credit cards via phone, fax, or email.


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