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'As both a veteran and a taxpayer, I am appalled at the decision of this college to ban the flying of the US flag, the symbol of your school's educational freedom.

I sincerely hope that the parents of your precious students, the ones actually paying the tuition, withdraw their support,' Bob Gardner wrote.'You need to lose your Federal Funding if you are not going to honor the American Flag because of a bunch of whining little runts who never got punished or spanked as kids growing up,' Robert Diberto angrily wrote.'You need to fly the flag of the United States of America or go elsewhere.

Gotham Books: In the twilight of the 1980’s, there was an enchanted land in the woods of Western Massachusetts, where punks and hippies lived side by side in a time before goals, ambitions, exercise, relationships or responsibilities. In 1986, Richard Rushfield traveled from sunny California to enroll in this land. Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost takes us to a campus populated by deadheads, club kids, poets, and insomniac filmmakers, at a time when America saw the rise of punk and grunge alongside neo-conservatism, earnest calls for political correctness and Take Back the Night vigils.

Shunned by all of the school’s reigning subcultures, Rushfield joins the most hated clique on campus, the Supreme Dicks, navigates a dating scene where to express interest in anything is social suicide, and mostly avoids class where hippie professors blather on about post-structuralism.

Culminating in a mad clash of slackers and yuppies, Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost captures a watershed moment for American youth in one hilarious, and unforgettable trip.

• AMAZON • Barnes and Noble • Borders • Indiebound Young film industry up-and-comers tell their own damning story of behind-the-scenes narcissism in this caustic satire of millennial Hollywood.

We are extremely diverse and over the years have had African-American, Asian, Latino – a lot of different races and ethnicities play with us.

The things said about us were not accurate.” Shokazoba was formed around ten years ago as a means to play tribute to and honor Fela Kuti, a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and pioneer of Afro-beat music.


'After some preliminary consultation with campus constituents (much more is needed), we decided on Friday that we will not fly the U. flag or any other flags on our college flagpole for the time being.

That discussion, prompted by suggestions from some students at the liberal arts college that the flag was emblematic of racism, discontent over the 2016 presidential election and other examples of societal division, drew an angry but civil response from other students, as well as local residents. 18, when Jonathan Lash, college president, ordered it removed to "enable discussion" about the anger felt on campus following the election.

flag on campus Friday weeks after it was removed to facilitate a discussion of its symbolism, school officials said. A replacement flag was installed at half-staff until Nov.

Tired of you snowflakes hiding in your 'safe places' and reaping the benefits my family has fought so hard for you to use,' Carol Mizenko Lalli said.

The consortium is composed of Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Stu puts his fate in the hands of several flashy, ambitious wannabes, who are all as giddily drunk on the dream as he is.


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