Dating game trivia questions sex dating in crieff perthshire

If you were home alone for an evening, what would you feed yourself for dinner?

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Now that it’s May, if you’re a twenty- or thirty-something you’re probably finding yourself in the middle of Bridal Shower season.

If you’re in the bridal party, you may even be responsible for planning one of these bridal showers.

This groom's quiz featuring 21 questions will kick start any bachelorette party.


The overall goal is to find out just how well they know each other!

There's no need for the only activity to be eating cake and watching the couple as they open their gifts.

Instead, organize a bridal shower game or two (or three!

This post will answer: I was first introduced to the Bridal Shower Question Card Game by my friend Marie.

Above you can see photos of what her Bridal Shower Question Game Cards looked like. And even more entertaining—their reactions to their spouse’s answers! Put your knowledge to the test with our own at-home version of the Newlywed Game.


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