Dating fender telecaster


)and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997.This means that the the serial numbers starting in 1994 ran consecutively on both the MIJ and the CIJ models while the MIJ logo was being phased out.There may not always be a date there, and if the date on the neck does not correspond to the date calculated based on the serial number, that may simply mean that a neck dated, say, 1961 was used to make a 1962 guitar.But if the date and serial number do correspond, that should give a collector some serious peace of mind.Cookies sind Dateien, die auf Deinem PC im Browser-Cache abgelegt werden.Sie sind zum Beispiel dafür da, um Dir Benutzername anzuzeigen, damit Du den nicht immer wieder neu angeben musst oder um Logindaten aufrechtzuerhalten, so lange Du angemeldet bist oder für mich, um herauszufinden was Dich als Benutzer auf meiner Website interessiert.Ich freue mich Dich auf meiner Website begrüssen zu dürfen.

At that time, Fender USA was still trying to get back up on its feet after the CBS buyout, as USA quality under CBS ownership let their standards really slip.

For further information please call: 604-594-2253 or 1-888-599-2253Live auctions will be subject to a 17% buyers premium (unless otherwise noted).


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