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But please don’t seem like a “Debbie Downer” or just an insanely boring individual … Being dull and unmemorable will lead to the no-second-date blues. This means that it truly must go both ways, so resolve to actively add to the flow.

The first date may seem like an interview, and that may not sound fun—but it’s actually perfect because a Q&A is the best way to keep a conversation going!

If you want to get that second date, you need to know how to ace the first date and what common pitfalls and mistakes you need to avoid. You want to focus on three things: fun, conversation and a hint of sexual tension.

Especially surprising, women weren't turned off when men interrupted them. You’re trying to find the right balance of “impressive” but “non-chalant”.You’re stressing where to take her, what to say, who’s going to pay for what and – most of all – do you go for the kiss at the end of the night?"I call this PGO: a penetrating glimpse of the obvious.

On some level we've always known you ask questions when the conversation is lagging and the boat is sinking."So how to get to that second date?

My only real exception to this rule is for online dating; a low-investment date like coffee is more about a gut check than an actual You’re checking how you feel about one another when you meet in the flesh…


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