Dating ball ideal jars

I make no claims or guarantees that the information contained in this document is the definitive truth.

The information has been obtained from various sources or based on my collecting experience and is true to the best of my knowledge.

Jar 1: Ball Perfect Mason Mold #11 (1910-1923) Jar 2: Ball Ideal Mold #7?? (1923-1933) It’s pretty easy to see the difference between the two in the “Ball” script.

Jar 1 has “ascender” on the letter “a” in Ball as well as a full underscore line under the whole word “Ball”. Either way, I dusted them off, cleaned them up and now they reside back on my kitchen shelf where they belong. My goal is to get one from every “era” based on their script style.

First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about 1962.

The earliest logo was the intertwined BBGMC—Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company—used on jars made in Buffalo, New York.

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