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I Love Your Accent is a dating website specifically for Americans and Brits (although we’re pretty sure that they’re not going to stop you from signing up if you’re from a different country).

If you’re happy to jump into the mire with everyone else, not just expats, then there are loads of different online dating sites. For gay relationships, check out UK Gay Partnership.

But to the inhabitants of the Home Nations, they can seem baffling.

So here are pass notes on how to tell your Aussie from your Kiwi.

They are published not to antagonise two opposing teams of very big blokes and their supporters. Habitat About half the UK’s 400,000 Australians live in London – especially in the SW postcodes. It’s not all ‘slipping another shrimp on the barbie’. History Goes back 40,000 years; European settlement followed Captain Cook’s arrival in 1770.

(They seem plenty fired up already, judging by this week’s tweet from injured All Blacks playmaker Aaron Cruden: “All Blacks Vs Wallabies!! Costume Forget cork hats, Outback vests and rubber flip-flops. Look out for slick dressers in gold and green – their team’s colours. Language We say: hello, cans, and flip-flops, cool box. Australians have celebrity chefs – Bill Granger, Kylie Kwong – and their Pan-Asian cuisine. Politics Occasionally unreconstructed – although the Australians Against Wowsers party, formed in 2001 on a ticket of cheap beer, skimpy outfits for barmaids and no speed limits for pick-up trucks was only a fringe party. Remarks about the treatment of the Aborigine population may cause offence, as will jokes about convict ships. Sees a bloke doing something unnatural with a sheep. ” The bloke turns round and says “I am not shearing it with anyone!



I think many will agree that it was a lot bigger back then!!No love lost there.”) Rather these notes are offered in a spirit of peace and goodwill to all men and women – even the ones from the Southern Hemisphere who have an annoying tendency to beat us at games we invented. Behaviour Australians like few things better than watching rugby with a drink in hand. Heritage Home of Sydney Opera House, Peter Carey, Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) – and Barry Humphries’ belching creation, Sir Les Patterson. ” Appearance Large, clean-limbed, athletic Habitat Getting on for 60,000 New Zealanders live in the UK.Heroes Don ‘The Don’ Bradman; Ned Kelly, outlaw legend; and The Ocker, archetypal Aussie bloke. Most can be found in London, especially in the west.I had arrived at my own “should I stay or should I go” crossroads and I decided to lay my fate on the line one afternoon not by a coin toss, but by a game of pool!


The deal was if the ball was sunk, I was off to London before Christmas.

Dating for expats in London, be it for the long term single or the newly single, can seem a little daunting – especially if you’re from a country where the culture and ways of doing things are somewhat different.


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