Dating a mountain climber

You'll find outdoorsy people very kind, helpful, and adventurous (for the most part) Here are 10 reasons why you should date an outdoor guru: 1) They are low maintenance. It doesn’t take them very long to get ready before leaving the house, and they prefer the ‘natural’ look.

For the girls, make up, hair products, curling irons, blow dryers, and other beauty products are rarely used, if at all.

My now partner recommended Cross Fit, which he had taken up in it’s infancy after his career as an international level swimmer.

He said it would be good for my climbing goals, and I had my doubts about that…my perception of Cross Fit was one born from negative media stories and a personal bias, and whether that’s fair or not, it’s the truth.

For guys, a quick rinse and a hat often does the trick.

With a closet that consists of 90% outdoor gear, it doesn’t take long to long to decide what to wear ‘out on the town’.

To summit (to reach the top of the mountain) a 14-er is not as easy as it may sound.



I’ve been climbing seriously for more than 15 years. Think about that statement for a second and what that means, because it’s dangerous as an athlete to believe your own hype.

These are challenges and lessons that also apply to scaling the summits of dating. Democrat, (the first of a group of four 14-ers I was set to climb in one day) I found myself going to battle with the voice in my head.


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