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The scientific community at large theorizes that this instinct originates from the womb when we naturally tilted our heads to the right. A team of British researchers — Elaine Sassoon, Annabelle Dytham, Robert Scully and Professor Gus Mc Grouther from the Rayne Institute in University College, London — studied kissing couples under an MRI scanner and found that a kiss mostly involves the orbicularis oris (the muscle around your mouth)."Not only do you use your facial muscles in kissing, but approximately 112 postural muscles as well," Professor Mc Grouther said to . The science team theorizes that this creature would rub noses with a mate to sample his or her pheromones and signal desire. The history of "X" behind XOXO traces back to the Middle Ages. A British study commissioned by e Harmony to release with The Rose Project tracked the number of dates, breakups, and one night stands it takes for men and women to find lasting love — and kisses weren't left out of the equation. Making out with your partner is just what the doctor prescribed. Consider it your introductory Philematology 101 class (which, you'll come to find out, is the scholarly study of kissing). Your kissing style originates in the womb.​See a kiss in any Hollywood movie, painting, or sculpture and more often than not, you'll see couples leaning in to the right. A German researcher observed over 100 couples and noted that two-thirds of them tilted their heads to the right. One kiss requires 146 muscles to coordinate, including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. This ancient rat-like creature went by the name of Eomaia scansoria (Latin for "climber"). Now, we're taking it one step further with an impressive list of eyebrow-raising facts about kissing and interesting tidbits about smacking lips. Mice and men have a surprisingly similar genetic makeup — sharing a common ancestor that lived sometime between 75 and 125 million years ago. We've already given you the scoop on what the ladies really think of kissing, dished on the secret health benefits of kisses, and given you invaluable tips on how to make out. Kazushige Touhara and colleagues at the University of Tokyo believe that our affinity for kisses descends from an ancient rat.



So, basically, human kissing is really rodent behavior. We use "XOXO" as an affectionate afterthought to our signature all the time in cards and love letters, but not many people know its origin story. It determined that it takes 15 kisses for women and 16 for men. Kissing burns calories (specifically, about two to three per minute), strengthens your immune system, relieves aches and pains, and prevents cavities!That explosive allegation began a civil trial of three veteran homicide investigators, Detectives George Pirrone and James Pitts, and Lt. Mach said Alleyne's 2012 arrest was unlawful and had caused a series of ongoing challenges for the 38-year-old East Mount Airy man, including mental anguish and difficulty finding a steady job.


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