Critical dating the battle of carchemish


Sibley Towner writes: "Daniel is one of the few OT books that can be given a fairly firm date.

In the form in which we have it (perhaps without the additions of , 12), the book must have been given its final form some time in the years 167-164 B. This dating is based upon two assumptions: first, that the authors lived at the later end of the historical surveys that characterize Daniel 7-12; and second, that prophecy is accurate only when it is given after the fact, whereas predictions about the future tend to run astray.

Finally, his detailed description of the profanation of the Temple of Jerusalem by Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 167 and the following persecution (; -35) contrasted with his merely general reference to the evil end that would surely come to such a wicked man (), indicates a composition date shortly before the death of this king in 164, therefore probably in 165." (The Jerome Biblical Commentary, vol. We do not in fact know anything of a deportation which took place in the third year of Jehoiakim, i.e. If we allow its basic historicity, the event might be connected with the conquest of Syria and Palestine by Nebuchadnezzar II a little later, after the battle of Carchemish in 605-4 and the victory over Egypt; it was on this occasion that Jehoiakim moved out of the sphere of Egyptian influence and into that of Babylon (cf. Until recently the note in Chronicles was considered spurious, since there was no point of comparison, but discoveries during the 1950s of various unedited fragments of the Babylonian Chronicle have unexpectedly made sense of both this passage and II Kings 24.1ff.

For other such collections, see Isaiah Chapters 13-21; chapter 23; Ezekiel chapters 25-32; and Amos 1:3 – 2:3. The Egyptians, after all this preparation for war, and seeming ardent to engage in battle.

For Nebuchadrezzar, however, Jerusalem was only one of many prizes, part of a major military operation in the West extending over many years.


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