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I’ve witnessed grown men argue about Cornell until they were carnelian red in the face, later apologizing as they rambled, “The Dead are like pizza, man. Buffalo has the opening “Help Franklin’s” triptych that’s a mind-meld when you’re 15, just being hipped to the whole thing.It only took one listen of Cornell before I was like, “Well you know, Buffalo is just a little bit…” Grateful Dead :: Dancing in the Street [Betty Board] Grateful Dead :: Dancing in the Street [Jerry Moore recording] Cornell is mythical though, and for good reason.Gentlemen prefer blondes FALSE Last month, researchers from the University of Westminster sent a woman to three different nightclubs with her hair dyed brunette, blonde and red, and recorded how many men approached her, and how they rated pictures of her.The study found that although the “blonde” received far more offers on the dance floor, the “brunette” was rated higher for perceived attractiveness and intelligence. In most societies, blondes are much rarer than brunettes (more than 90 per cent of us have dark hair), so it may simply be that in a dark, noisy environment, blondes stand out.

The building permits have been filed with the city for the 6-unit, 9-bedroom renovation and addition to the rear of the existing building, and from peering inside the existing windows, there’s the impression that interior demolition work could be underway – could explain the broken window on the second floor at least. This Valentine’s Day, we sort the science from the clichés. Women go for alpha males, but men avoid successful women. Is love dictated purely by biology, or can we still believe in the magic of romance?When Danny showed up at an event last summer, he was severely overweight and burned out from driving the truck.

After his father died, when he was 17, eating became his coping mechanism.

Some will tell you it was a CIA experiment that never happened.


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