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The data sets are identical for all four of the SPEC-provided workloads (test, train, refrate, refspeed), with some differences in how they are processed: The log file, written to standard out, contains a summary of how the model has been configured.

Some global statistics of the atmospheric state are printed for each model time step.

One person was taken to hospital with minor injuries .

Highway 16 was down to one lane in each direction between Highway 779 and the Jennifer Heil overpass for a short period of time.

Our results share similarities with global TC changes observed during recent global warming and in most future projections and provide a window into the potential TC activity that may be expected in a warmer world.

Given the threats that tropical cyclones (TC) pose to people and infrastructure, there is significant interest in how the climatology of these storms may change with climate.


Fortran90 and C The CAM-5.0 code has been extracted from CESM-1.0.2 and is public domain software. By default, the workload will be formatted to use big endian.The validation procedure uses a perturbation growth test described here.The files atm_in and drv_in contain the Namelist groups read by CAM and are documented here.This is the configuration used by the Aqua-Planet Experiment Project.

The model is run in a backwards compatibility mode to use the "cam4" physics package that was originally released in CAM-4.0, and which has been used in the majority of the CESM simulations done for CMIP5, as analyzed for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

Using an ensemble of climate models from the CMIP5 we calculate the CO2 induced temperature change of ten models with lower temperature sensitivity to CO2 compared against an ensemble of ten models with higher sensitivity to CO2.


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