Christmas dating games


In World War II, the British Secret Service even set up fake charities to get the game into prisoner of war camps, using the board to conceal real money, maps and compasses.Have A Magic Christmas With Elsa And Jack and enjoy the holiday with these Frozen couple!

Avoid looking like a perv sniffing through ladies smalls in a department store, and search them out online in the privacy of one’s home.

If you want a game that's more of a sideshow than a main event, Name That Tune is perfect. Each person has up to 20 yes-or-no questions (i.e.,"Am I alive?

The first person to guess a song's title and artist correctly earns a point.

You can help them choose the right tinsel, lights and colors for the tree to make the be...

You may think it's a bit rich getting relationship advice from me (anyone who has ever watched Made In Chelsea on E4 will know why) but I do know what I'm talking about, it's just that I rarely take my own advice. Make your own "snow paint" with diluted food dye and have guests create works of art in teams. Guests take turns trying to unwrap the ball (the highest value "prize" should be in the center) while the person next to them rolls a pair of dice.


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