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I am praying that a true Born-Again Holy Ghost filled Man of God finds me. I believe in putting God first family second and then my career.I know that all that glitters is not Gold, and all who cry Holy Holy are not so, but time in prayer and God's Holy Spirit, will lead and guide me into all truths. I am looking for a man who shares the same beliefs as I do. I'm from originally from Alaska, the land of the Aurora Borealis! I love the Lord with all my heart and want to serve him for the rest of my days, After I accepted him as my personal Saviour on May, 29th 2009, I just couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. I am looking for a man who shares the same beliefs as I do.( The photo of me on my birthday is so you can see my figure, I am not a skinny girl, I am pleasantly plump) I went to Bible college for 2 1/2 semester, and I went for the purpose of ministry through music, proficiency in voice. I have no desire to have a car God is the center of my life and I don't know how people live without him. I'm not interested in eye candy but rather it's how you treat me. I go to church allot to help o I am a God fearing woman and very active in church. My simple believe to jesus christ I am born again I love to jesus because I saved from his precious name I got salvation in jesus name Iam looking that kind of person who loves jesus more then me because I want to serve the with my future partner so if you love jesus as above please contact me I made this profile when I was in usa but now I live in India ....I am very active with friends & my family that means the world to me..Healthy living & staying fit is what it is all about to stay energized.



I'm financially independent & I'm used to being on my own and doing just fine but sometimes I wonder what life would be like with a partner. I enjoy walking,bicycle riding, beach,boating,camping, exploring new places, enjoy hiking in Georgia finding hidden waterfalls, sunrises, sunsets , fishing in the Florida Keys, sporting events and more. When I am outdoor I am in God's world and heart smiles..Need someone with a great sense of humor but also knows when to be serious.


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