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She sensed the story was “much bigger” and more complex than she had thought since it involved state surveillance, censorship, corruption, and sex violence.“I kept filming because I believed that someone needed to record what was happening and share it with the world,” she said.Most women are migrant workers from rural areas, some are laid off workers from small towns, especially in Dongbei (China’s struggling northeastern region that’s now often referred to as a rust belt).There are also quite a few older women who are divorced or left abusive husbands and cannot otherwise support themselves.



Private businesses have proliferated in China since the early 1990s, thanks to the Communist Party's gradual abandonment of efforts to keep them in check. This has raised questions in China about whether the kind of dynastic business empires run by ethnic Chinese that have been a prominent feature of many Asian economies will emerge in China itself.

Puritanical communists despised the ancient kinship networks that had traditionally been a crucial support to aspirants in business or politics.


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