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One night, a Saturday Night Live (1975) rep was in the audience and liked her, so she flew down to New York to audition, made it, and debuted on Sept. While she was on NSL many people regarded her as a fresh faced girl next door type of a girl.During that time she was still in her late 20s and early 30s.


But Rachel Dratch is one such talent: “Debbie Downer,” her instant-classic character, not only offered a more evocative descriptor for that mood-killer in your life, but also occasion to invoke the sad trombone.Which was a crucial alliance for a new cast member: Fey—who’d joined “SNL’s” writing staff two years earlier—had just been promoted to head writer, making her the first female head writer in the show’s history.(She was not yet in front of the camera—Fey would land on the “Weekend Update” desk opposite Jimmy Fallon on Season 26.)Dratch and Fey shared a seamless comic chemistry that dated back to the mid-1990s in Chicago, which you can see in “Wicked,” an early iteration of the Boston teens sketch Dratch famously performed with Fallon (“Sully”) casting Fey as the mother to Dratch’s teenager “Denise.” (Offstage, the duo were critically praised for their two-woman show, “Dratch and Fey,” first performed at Second City and then at Upright Citizens Brigade in 1999.) Dratch tells me—as every castmember before her has—that at “SNL,” you absolutely need to have a collaborator in the writers’ room to survive. In her seven years at “SNL,” Dratch proved her versatility, with a long string of memorable characters that were male and female and ranged in age from babies to senior citizens, playing them with ease.Oteri will play Sandler’s ex-girlfriend from middle school, who now works in the store owned by his wife (Salma Hayek).


Other newcomers to the sequel include Taylor Lautner, David Henrie and “Project X” star Oliver Cooper.

Swardson broke out with a starring role in “Grandma’s Boy,” and has since appeared in at least seven Happy Madison productions, including the title role in “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star,” which he also co-wrote and produced with Sandler and Allen Covert.


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