Chauvet cave dating controversy

These events happened for sure, and we know they were heavenly being, so no one is able to tell the age of the Earth.

To me is billions of years old but not after the earthly calendar, and I am not on evolution side, but something is missing.

Ellen Lloyd – Ancient – He kept the true purpose of his expedition confidential.

Until this day many people still do not know what kind of inner force drove him on such a risky journey. Was it too late for him to fulfill the mysterious Buddhist prophecy?

In an account of his visit, he wrote of his discovery of twenty-six wooden tablets containing the unusual inscriptions: “In every hut one finds wooden tablets or sticks covered in several sorts of hieroglyphic characters: They are depictions of animals unknown on the island, which the natives draw with sharp stones.

Each figure has its own name; but the scant attention they pay to these tablets leads me to think that these characters, remnants of some primitive writing, are now for them a habitual practice which they keep without seeking its meaning.” The name Rongorongo comes from the Rapa Nui language, which is the native language of Easter Island, and means "to recite, to declaim, to chant out.” The irregularly shaped wooden tablets were weathered, burned, or otherwise damaged when they were found.

Some believe that decoding the mysterious writing could offer answers into what caused the collapse of the ancient Easter Island civilization.

The Rongorongo writing was first discovered by Eugène Eyraud, a lay friar of the Roman Catholic Church, who went to Easter Island as a missionary on January 2, 1864.


Lucifer was before Adam no one know surely how long they were on Earth, when did he rebel against the Creator and ⅓ of God’s angels agreed with Lucifer but God /triune God/with His faithful angels defeated them.It simply drips with antiquity and grandeur, so you assume that it must have been around since the first caveman.


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