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As a Venter, you’re given the floor to talk about anything that needs to be released from your mind. Unlike the popular random webcam chat site Chatroulette, BLAH Therapy won’t pull up any potentially indecent video streams from your chat buddy. I first read about the service on Mashable this week, so I decided to test it out right away both as a Listener and a Venter. My chat partner was excited to play the role of Venter — he said that in real life, he’s the Listener within his group of friends, so being able to vent was a valuable thing for him. Humorous conversation, but less therapeutic than some would like.For privacy purposes, I obviously won’t disclose the chat log for the scenarios in which I chose to be the Listener – I don’t want anyone’s presumably private venting session to become public. I sat back and listened to him rant about a friendship that’s under stress because it’s also part of a work relationship. (And the burns are all cleared up now, if you were wondering.)Is BLAH Therapy something you should consider playing around with?The woman asked if he would like to see her naked and said she would take her clothes off - but only if the victim did so first.Moments later the woman uploaded a recording of the striptease and told him she would post it online unless he paid 0 (£132) into an online account based in the Philippines.

As the number of active users grew, Ternovskiy has had to rewrite the entire code to cope with the load, the management of which being the most challenging part of his project.Yarrow’s 1935 Kneeling Purple Figure (Morges) looks to all intents and purposes rather like the image Emin’s work conjures up – eyes and mouth agape in uncertain dismay, kneeling in submission, against a bloody red smear of a background, to whatever the world might throw at her next.This work also speaks loudly – perhaps mostly here in terms of colour and general shape – to the nearby Babs the Impossible (2015) by Clare Woods – on first glance a mass of abstract swirls, but, I am told, actually a ballerina’s foot. picture, once I see this, I cannot return to my previous ignorance/innocence – another metaphor for the female state of being in the world, I wonder?Visitors to the website begin an online chat (text, audio and video) with another visitor.


At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.The confessional Emin piece, on the other hand, describing the desolation, despair and self-loathing of a young woman living in a hovel and drinking for company, reads, Breese suggests, almost as an introductory text, sketching the scene of the female artist living and working in an androcentric world. Can she care enough to get beyond caring and succeed?


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    The seven deadly sins are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.

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    My profile is very tame - albeit conservative and I am surprised by this response. Generally speaking, how long should you wait before you connect by phone or in person?

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    There are some good, totally free chat services that do not require a signup or email address for verification however.

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    Each day a team goes out into the streets to meet with vulnerable groups of homeless to assess their needs.

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