Chat adult symbols

Choosing this All-in-one chatting emoticons collection, everything can be so simple!

* You do not need to waste a lot of time and think over how to express your mind by words.* You do not need to worry about that when would your chatting be interrupted because of your poor words.* You even do not need to worry about that how to find a suitable emoticon for yourself in a wide range of emoticons, because this app have already provide you the functions of classify and searching which makes the emoticons as plain as daylight.

You can still use emoticons like :-* to show a kiss even though it’s not in the menu, and yes, you can still use any celebrity or friend’s face by putting their name in double brackets.

What makes people great painters, great actors, or great poets?

This is the largest and best collection of funny adult emoticons for texting. They fit perfectly in i Message and in other popular messaging/chat apps.

They are sorted by category and can be easily browsed.

Click one, and the text code for it will be added to your chat.Stop here and taste this app carefully, we believe it will bring you never-ending surprise! [Updated January 2015]Here’s a tip I learned from my daughter.Only read this after you have figured out the answer for yourself.


Maybe, it's different from mine and I don't want to impose my view of things upon you.While before you could use text like :) to create a smile or even :putnam: to show a picture of an early Facebook engineer, now there’s a little menu of the most common emoticons in the bottom right of any chat window.


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