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Relying on a chat up line alone not enough, with the secret to wooing the opposite sex a combination of compliments and confidence. " She replied, "I was there (at the place of water) this hour yesterday and my people are behind me.

I loved wearing it and I wish I could've kept it for longer.

Salt Craw For me, this legendary bait has worked in so many situations already, so when the Chatterbait was made public, I put on a Salt Craw.

If the wife has left the house of her husband and was living away from him, can the wife be entitled to judicial separation or divorce ?

Cans has started a project called Street Heart Africa - “We are giving back to the community around South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland by uplifting areas through graffiti and street art… Falko is notably one of South Africa’s most well known and respected graffiti artists, with a career spanning almost three decades he has been highly influential on the growth of the local graffiti culture and inspired multiple generations of artists…

Keep reading → The Westdene Graffiti Project has been growing weekly, with around 40 walls painted in 2015.

Till fairly recently, Virtual Reality — the computer simulation of 3-D imagery which immerses users and let them control it — and Augmented Reality — enhancing the physical world with simulated sound, video and graphics — were out-of-reach options.


No need to go to a pub - simply log in here and begin connecting.The ‘Man Like Mountain: Of Memory and Scar’ book will be launched with an exhibition as well as film screening…


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