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Budeme se také věnovat souborovému systému ZFS a některým důležitým podrobnostem o něm.


To compile packages for different releases and architectures from different ports trees poudriere uses “jails”.For ports it will use poudriere combined with the new pkgng package manager in order to build packages that will be distributed to the other servers using Nginx.Since Nginx is already there it will be used as a forward proxy, as opposed to reverse proxy as it’s usually used, to However, for servers, I recommend not to always update all ports and packages, but only update specific ports if there is a security update available, as reported by Packages are created based on the port recipe.


There may be a delay of a few days to a few weeks before they are released.

If the latest version of a given package is already installed, an empty string will be returned for that package.


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