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A Cambodian actress has been banned from making any new movies for a year because the country's cultural bosses say she is 'too sexy'.Denny Kwan, 24, who has appeared in numerous movies, has had a 're-education' session with the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry after it was decided she had violated a code of conduct.These beauty queens are competing to take away the crown from reigning champ Paulina Vega.


To coincide with Valentine’s Day, the Ad Council, R/GA and an unprecedented group of brand partners launched, “Fans of Love,” an extension of the iconic Love Has No Labels campaign.Su nombre es Isabel Lahela, la hermosa pesista canadiense de 21 años de edad que ha dado mucho de qué hablar en los Juegos de Río 2016.


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    Pairing it with a set of strappy black heels and styling her hair into classic voluminous curls, Faye kept the focus on her show-stopping dress - which hugged and flattered her figure from head to toe.

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