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    Maybe." The answer will always be "no," but you will never really know.

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    A few months ago, I wrote about my desire to use a strap-on on a man. I decided I would just hope the next gent that turned my love-gears was a bit freakier. * * * After a couple months of dating and a general barrage of bodily exploration, I confessed my desire to peg him. Curled up on my best friend's couch in Brooklyn, I explained my plan.

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    RELATED: 'The Flash' is Bringing in This 'Harry Potter' Favorite for Season 3 Although there were no pictures of the pair together on their romantic trip, Panabaker did post scenic photos of herself all over Greece and hinted at the big moment in one of her posts.

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    you are in a mobile device the go to our mobile optimized chat Free chats for singles no registration Chatters based mainly from US and UK..

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    She shot back: “Yeah, it’s all mine ’cos I bought it.” Hair extensions are the 21st-century version of an 18th-century powdered headpiece. His clients spend up to £2,000 for four-hour appointments every six months — “Normal women,” says Brad, “from women maxing out their credit card to treat themselves, to someone who won’t bat an eyelid.” “Men love long hair,” trills Evgenia Nokhrina, 29, her golden extensions sweeping her waist. An interior designer, she spends £1,200 on them every four months. I’m not very curvaceous, but as soon as I had my hair long, I felt more feminine, more beautiful. I’m not very curvaceous, but as soon as I had my hair long, I felt more feminine, more beautiful. I’m a bit of an instant-gratification person — I want long hair so I go and get long hair! But he says hair-extension virgins shouldn’t attempt more than 18in (because of the work of looking after them, and the weight).

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