Avatar dating quiz

You always want to try some new, brilliant idea; generally something you came up with while others were sleeping or otherwise wasting their time.

You don't know the meaning of the word 'impossible', and you pity those who tell themselves they can't achieve their goals.

I got the one card I cannot play Warrior without (and which recently has seen play in an ancient Rogue deck that resurfaced because people realised it still didn't suck after huge nerfs in the alpha) Archmage You're the type of person who has the answer to everything.


You also receive daily credits for entering the game. These tasks include things such as fixing the pier for incoming tourists on cruise liners, building roads as well as adding additional buildings and facilities.Not to mention that this behavior got changed in 1.12 Alas, apparently I'm a redstone god according to the quiz but quite frankly I don't agree with that because several questions had ".I still hold that opinion but in all honesty I do appreciate this quiz over the more known "noob test". This is a website dedicated to several Minecraft quizzes, including a general quiz, redstone quiz, crafting quiz and mob quiz.

You can take any of the quizzes and try getting into the top 100 leaderboard.Offhand I don't recall seeing Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass or Last Of The Mohicans on the list.



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