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Learning problem solving skills as an individual can empower and equip our young ones with tools to deal with what life throws them.” Teaching problem solving skills Rather than provide the answers to people’s problems, Aunty Dee guides people to identify real problems, generate solutions and then act.



Just recently, this chef extraordinaire realized her culinary dream by moving to her cozy new shop in Leominster, MA.In the members area there are vast amounts of photo sets and videos of these ladies administering punishment.In our members area there are thousands of large, high-quality pictures and hundreds of video clips of our aunties action.Chief executive Dr Monique Faleafa said the website is called Aunty Dee because in many Pacific and Māori communities young people often go to their aunties (or aunty type figures) for advice and help.

She believes it is the first web-based tool of its kind for young people in the New Zealand and Pacific region.

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