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“Maria Qamar’s art is gorgeous and witty, with defiance seeping through the edges. I am a big fan." -- Mindy Kaling"Everyone has an overbearing aunty! Hatecopy is hilarious, smart, and insightful, speaking both to particular South Asian experiences and broader issues of self-acceptance and celebrating your identity as a person of color." (LENNY)“You could call Hatecopy’s series of artwork a perfect marriage of the parody comic strip style pioneered by Roy Lichtenstein and the melodramatic world of South Asian soap operas.” (Toronto Star)“Maria has perfected the art of capturing the unique, hilarious lives of us Desis.” (Buzz Feed)“Hatecopy explores the shame experienced by first and second generation South Asian Canadians who want a career in the arts.” (Vice)“Unapologetically offbeat.

Qamar’s first book is where memoir and comic book and brownness meet, with advice on how to handle pushy aunties as well as recipes and stories about dating and racism. Some serious millennial sass.” (Vogue)“Maria Qamar’s satirical art paints a harsh, and hilarious reality of Asian culture- and it isn’t all bindi-wearing bliss.” (Dazed)“Her art featuring hyperbolic characters is so relatable for young people from similar backgrounds that fan comments such as ‘my life story’ and ‘my mum, non-stop’ are regularly left on her page.” (BBC)“Her work references Desi diaspora culture, leveraging the dramatic, hyperbolic, maternal and feisty women from Desi soap operas, also known as ‘aunties’.” (strategy)“Sarcasm, pop art, and Indian soap operas collide as Hatecopy reconnects with her Desi culture.” (Aljazeera) Maria Qamar, otherwise known as Hatecopy (@Hatecopy), is an artist living in Toronto.

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