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Dear customer, The service is currently unavailable due to preplanned maintenance. Please try your request again now, or in a few minutes. Access to Poalim Online accounts will become available immediately after completion of the maintenance work. However an encounter just a few months ago made me question how much (or how little) I know about inclusivity.I was confronted with someone who insisted I refer to them as ‘they’ and that I do not assume their gender. Other activities including asking various questions, framed as questions asked of heterosexuals. Unfortunately all too many of us are used to such questions, be they from prejudiced relatives or well-meaning work colleagues.The use of alcohol and other mood-altering drugs raised the likelihood of having unprotected sex by 55 percent, according to the study.

I have always felt comfortable in my own skin, so to speak.Haven’t you ever considered sleeping with someone of the same sex? Some participants were shocked by statistics on self-harm and bullying in schools.While I also found the self-harm statistics disturbing, having been on the receiving end of taunts at school I was unfortunately all too familiar with the situation young LGBT people face at schools up and down the country today.This was the first task for participants at an inclusivity training seminar run by Keshet, an organisation which works towards greater inclusion of LGBT individuals across the UK Jewish community.

The three-part seminar, held at Limmud 2013 (the UK’s biggest Jewish conference), drew participants from a range of backgrounds, some of them more familiar with the terminology than others." Ein junger Typ mit Kippa hebt die Hand, er ist Amerikaner. Und zehn Minuten Richtung Süden beginnt das säkulare, also nicht-religiöse Rechavia, wo junge Israelis ihren Müll trennen. Der Student hat die Bar zusammen mit zwei Freunden gegründet.


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