Assessment canadian coorindating health office technology


Impacts Analysis, Policy and Program Evaluations - using evidence-based research methods and multiple lines of inquiry.Technology and Science - including studies in competitive and technical intelligence, industry profiling, standards and regulatory research, and benchmarking.Surveys - using Bytown's customized secure online questionnaire system, phone and face-to-face interviews, and online survey platforms.This sub-division presents selected publications on the history of HTA.


For example, a brief tabled with the Committee by Medical Devices Canada (MEDEC) stated: Modern medical devices and technologies have not only improved the health outcomes for Canadian patients, but by enabling less invasive procedures and shorter hospital stays, have also supported cost-effectiveness in the health care system.[88] However, many concerns were raised during Committee hearings about the availability, financing and assessment of both new and existing health care technologies.Additionally there does exist a huge amount of publications on the history and the current practice of HTA in specific countries or regions.


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