Ashanti dating history


Nelly has since moved on with Shantel "Miss Jackson" Jackson who is also featured on his BET reality series "Nellyville," Fashion & Style reports.Neither Ashanti nor Dockett have confirmed their relationship.Ashanti is nursing a broken heart on her first single in what feels like forever — and by forever we mean “since 2008.” ‘Never Should Have’ is a midtempo ballad that showcases the N. native’s vocals more than much of her prior material, and it’s quite an improvement from her most recent release.You never shoulkd have loved me / You never should have touched me / You never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me / ‘Cause everything that you would do / Made me fall in love with you / Until you left and you made that mistake and I can’t take it back if I wanted to.” While Ashanti has sometimes come under criticism for the breathiness of her vocals, they seem to be in much better form here.Here are the dates of the Ja Rule and Ashanti tour, according to MTV Australia: Friday, July 17 - The Bank, Townsville (Ja Rule only) Saturday, July 18 - Eaton Hills Hotel, Brisbane Sunday, July 19 - The Pier, Geelong Thursday, July 23 - Alice Springs (Ja Rule only) Friday, July 24 - Co.In celebration of Women’s History Month singer Annalise Azadian performed a medley including SWV’s ‘Weak,‘ Aaliyah’s ‘Are You There Somebody,’ and Ashanti’s ‘Foolish.’These women helped inspire Annalise to be the singer she is today!



MTV reports that Ashanti and Ja Rule recently announced that they are going on tour together in Australia.

Blige, Ella Fitzgerald, Smokey Robinson, Donna Summer, and Blue Magic as her musical influences.


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